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  1. Hello fellow nurses! I am looking to work in the ICU as a new graduate BSN . I graduate on Friday. Wondering if anyone has any opinions about working as a new grad at Aurora healthcare in Wisconsin . Any hospitals within that system would be helpful as I am willing to move. Thank you!
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  3. by   E-commerce
    Hi Nursetara! Congratulations for becoming a BSN nurse. I would like to know what part of Wi are you from? I plan to move out there in the Fall. Thanks!
  4. by   melizerd
    Aurora does sometimes hire the right new grad into icu. I have a friend who went straight to icu from our ADN program and she loves it.
  5. by   Nursetara143
    Do you know what hospital? How does she like it?
  6. by   Nursetara143
    I am actually from Illinois! I am moving to the Appleton area and I love it up thre! Where are you looking to move?
  7. by   weilae
    I currently work in an ICU at an Aurora in Milwaukee. Not sure which location you were thinkin of applying, but right now Aurora is short nurses everywhere. I hear from other nurses who work at Wheaton and Froedert that most floors are short there also. It's a good time to graduate and apply for any nursing job. The Aurora in Milwaukee doesn't care about you being a new grad or not. They can pay you less and teach you the way they want you to do your job versus someone who has years of experience. I love Aurora and I plan on staying there, but you have to figure out what hospital system works best with your values and beliefs. If not you may be an unhappy person and get stuck somewhere you don't want to work.
  8. by   nurse2324
    I believe the closest Aurora hospital to Appleton is in Green Bay, about 35 minute commute. But I have heard good and bad things about the Aurora there, although I believe they are the highest paying in the Green bay area. Since you are moving to Appleton there are two hospitals in the city itself but neither are Aurora. Oshkosh has an Aurora hospital, it is also about 35 minutes from Appleton. I live in the area while finishing my ADN so let me know if you need any advice about hospitals in the area. You will have no problem getting a nursing job up here.
  9. by   Nursetara143
    Yes I would love some advice e on hospitals in the area. How is Theda Clark and Appleton Medical Center?
  10. by   nurse2324
    Theda Clark and AMC are great hospitals! They are run by the same system. I think they are the best in the area. If I were you I would apply to both Appleton hospitals AMC and St Elizabeth's, Theda Clark in Neenah. Depending on how far you would be willing to commute Oshkosh has two hospitals Aurora and Mercy and Green Bay has St Vincent, St Marys, Bellin, and Aurora Baycare. Both Oshkosh and Green Bay are about 30 minutes from Appleton. I think overall it is a great area for hospitals and easy to get a job as a new grad.
  11. by   QuackPack
    Appleton area, I would look at the Theda Clark System. Its a MAyo Clinic care partner.

    If you are wanting to get into the Aurora System , Milwaukee is your best bet.

    I started my career in the 80's at Good Samaritan / Mt Sinai

    I will warn you that Aurora isnt great as far as employees. Its tough to get into an ICU setting right out of school.

    If you want fast paced endless opportunities for training and advancement , head to Rochester MN to the Mayo Clinic.

    They do things the Mayo way and its often better and more creative than anywhere I have ever seen. The training you get there will land you a job anywhere if you ever decide to leave.

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