Any Moraine Park Students?

  1. I got accepted in to the Nursing program for the Spring 2013 start for core courses. I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that will be starting with me? I will be attending the West Bend Campus!
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  3. by   saraschneider
    Quote from Manders0624
    I got accepted in to the Nursing program for the Spring 2013 start for core courses. I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that will be starting with me? I will be attending the West Bend Campus!

    I am one semester behind you. I am hoping to start in Fall at West Bend. I am studing for my NLN right now so my question is: How hard is the NLN? Is the book a good study guide? Did you do the practice tests and if you did was your NLN score close to the practice exams the book gives you???? Any imput you have is great, I'm a bit worried.....
  4. by   Manders0624
    Hi! One of the best tips I got when I was taking the NLN was to relax, take deep breaths and plant yourself in the chair with your back in the chair and feet firmly planted on the ground. (Apparently it helps you relax). That being said, Myself along with many (many) of my fellow core students have had to take the test twice. It is definitely not an easy test. The first time I took it I studied for approximately 2 months before taking it and did not pass. I used the book that time. The second time around I study for 4 months off and on. At the one month mark I started studying 2-3 hours per day 7 days a week. I did 120 (I cannot remember my verbal off hand), way better the second time around... I truly believe it was all the studying I did along with the fact that I knew what to expect. The second time around I scored much, much higher (like almost 30 points higher). The second time around I did not use the book. I used Cliff Notes books for Chemistry and Physics (There is a whole lot of Chemistry and even more physics on the test. I did not spend a whole lot of time on Anatomy and Biology as I had been taking both Advanced A and P and Microbiology at the time so I studied stuff from my classes for that) and for the Math I got the Davis Math Review for Nurses Book. For the verbal portion I played a lot on If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  5. by   saraschneider
    Did you do the Practice Tests in the Red Book that they sell at the bookstore? If you did what were your raw scores on them?
  6. by   Manders0624
    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Classes have started and things are super busy plus my kids are sick. I did buy that book. I don't remember my exact scores on the practice tests but I do remember doing well on them no lower then 80% correct when I took them.
  7. by   saraschneider
    I took the NLN last week and I passed, I was shocked, it was the hardest test I ever took. I just handed in my petition packet today so now I wait. How is the program going for you? Is the program as hard as everyone says???
  8. by   Manders0624
    It's going exceptionally well for me. My personal opinion as of right now that it is not as bad as I thought it would be so far. However that is not the same for everyone. You get what you put into it. If you stay on top of thimgs including reading it isn't bad at all. Ask me next semester though some one told me next semester is suppose to be harder.
  9. by   saraschneider
    What type of supplies did you have to buy for the nursing program, not including books. I'm hoping to maybe purchase some items so it's not so costly at one time.
  10. by   Manders0624
    Did you get into the program? Besides books, which are by far the costliest part but you will use through out the program. I had to by scrubs that had the mptc logo on them, however they are changing the type I guess for next semester. You will need a stethoscope, a penlight and bandage scissors.

    As far as stethoscopes you can order them from the student nurse club for a discount or watch for sales. I got my stethoscope a litmann cardiology 3 from allheart for 160ish with engraving on it. Other then that you don't really need anything else.
  11. by   saraschneider
    Thanks for the response. I didn't get my letter yet, I just sent the packet in next week. I was told by admissions with my grades and NLN score I would get in, it's just a matter of what campus. (I hope she is right). How long after you sent in your petition packet did you get your letter? Do they really take 45 days? The waiting is going to kill me.
  12. by   saraschneider
    Oops I sent in my packet last week.....not next week.
  13. by   saraschneider
    Also...Do you need all white shoes for clinicals?
  14. by   Manders0624
    Unfortunately it took almost exactly 45 days. Like I got the response on day 44.