Alverno, Mount Mary or Bryant and Stratton

  1. I am going to school to be a nurse and I can not decide which route to go. To get an ADN or BSN? I live in the Milwaukee area and I am checking out Alverno, Mount Mary and Bryant and Stratton. I am wondering which one would be the best route. I have heard that the pay scale is the same whether what degree you get. I do not know much about Bryant and Stratton but I have heard there is no waiting list. I have been on the waiting list at MATC and I dont want to wait anymore! I have heard that Alverno and Mount Mary are very good schools also. Anyone have any advice on any of these schools?
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  3. by   Tweety
    The best route is probably the one that would get you the RN the quickest so you can start working. There are a lot of RN to BSN schools, many of them online, and many employers have tuition reimbursement programs that you can take advantage of.

    The BSN's value is not in the starting salary. Both ADNs and BSNs start out taking NCLEX and pretty even footing at the beginning. The BSN comes in handy later as you perhaps might want to do something elese other than bedside nursing such as education, case management, management, etc.

    I always advise getting the BSN if there is a choice between the two, but if you have to wait then the ADN is a great way to go.

    Good luck!
  4. by   popeo
    Thank you for the reply....I will be waiting to see which one I have been accepted to. Oh you said that there is also a lot of online schools for RNs to get there BSN. How long does that usually take?
  5. by   Nurseintraining77

    I agree with the previous poster. Get into the program that will allow you to get started quickly. I chose Alverno and will be starting next month. Of all the programs I looked at, Alverno was one of the few that didn't have a waitlist and since I have a BA in another field I was able to transfer some of my credits.

    Good luck and let us know which school you'll be going to!!