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Wilmington, NC


Considering moving to Wilmington with some friends in the near future and I'm in search of some information on the area.

What's it like to live there?

Is it hard to find a RN job there? (All of us have 3+ years of experience)

What are the hospitals like to work in?

Average pay in the area?

What's the best place to live?

And anything else that you would like to share! I've looked online but a lot of what I've found was posted quite a few years ago so I'm looking for some accurate information.

Thanks in advance!


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I currently live in Wilmington, but am starting travel nursing in about a month (yay!). I went to school here for 5 years, moved away to work and came back, I've been here for almost two years now.

I know for a fact my unit has 3 or 4 open positions and will have one more once I leave. There's only one major hospital in Wilmington, which has a orthopedic hospital at a different locale. New Hanover Regional Medical Center is a small regional hospital, so depending on where you're from it might be a big change in acuity. I worked at a large teaching hospital before moving back here and I miss that type of setting. Average pay - not very good. There's no competition for this regional hospital. The shift diff for me is $4 at night and extra $2 on weekends, which was a pay cut in shift diff alone for me to move back here. I had 3 years of experience coming in here and was started at $21 - so sad. You can message me and I can tell you about the unit I work on and what it's like.

Wilmington as a whole, however, is beautiful. You've got the beach and downtown. Downtown is closer to the hospital than the beach, so depending on what you want. The drive from the beach areas will be about 20-30 minutes depending on traffic and if the bridge is up. I live close to the hospital and love my apartment - it's about a 3 minute drive to work, about a $10 cab ride to downtown and about $20+ to the beach bars. And Wilmy just got Uber - holler. If you're a female, the shopping here is horrible. Only a few cute boutiques and the mall is miserable. Awesome places to eat and a lot to do and some awesome day trips you can make.

If you want any other specifics, just message me.

Thanks for your great reply! I'm still pretty new to this site so I'm not sure how to send someone a message haha. The pay there is a HUGE difference from what I'm currently making! $21/hour is lower than what new grads start here! Where I'm from the size is pretty comparable to Wilmington but there are a couple bigger hospitals here so that helps with competition though. Are there any units that are good to work in and units that I should avoid applying too? I've been looking on the hospitals website and some of the postings just say "staff nurse 5th floor" so I'm not sure what those units are. I think if we are all going to move we'll do it in the spring so we have time to save up some money for the move. Is it hard to get a job there? I'm sure it won't help that I don't have a NC address so I might have to contact HR.


I know this is an old post but just wondering if you made the move to Wilmington and how you like it? I currently live in Indiana and my husband and I are looking to move there within the next year. We are going there over the July 4th weekend to check out houses and such. Thanks!

Hi! I just scheduled an interview for m/s position at NHRMC for next month. I currently live in Gatlinburg but relocating to the coast hopefully this summer sometime. The "average pay" doesn't sound appealing, however, if cost of living is low then it can even out somehow. Before making the 6 hour drive to Wilmington, would you be willing to provide me with some good information about the hospital in general and most importantly the unit? My email address is mdedge@yahoo.com

I would greatly appreciate it and completely understand if you're not comfortable doing so.


Has 7 years experience.


Sorry, I'm bad about following up on stuff.

NHRMC is largest hospital in the southeast portion of NC with an orthopaedic hospital as well in a different part of the city. I worked in the PICU - it's a very small unit, 6 beds only, attached to the general floor of about 20 beds. I loved everyone I worked with and the intensivists and hospitalists were great. I left to travel.

As for the adult sections of the hospital, I can't help you out. I just know about the Women and Children's Hospital.

Cost of living in Wilmington varies greatly depending on the area you choose to live in. The beach is clearly going to be much more expensive. Downtown is nice and is where I would want to live if I went back, but be careful, like most downtowns, it gets a little dangerous the further away from the actual 'downtown' you get. Monkey Junction is a good area to live in, not far from everything but far enough away that the cost of living shouldn't be extravagant. Carolina Beach is a good bet if you want to live at the beach, it's cheaper, but a bit further from Wilmington.

Hope that helps some!