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William Paterson RN to BSN ONLINE


I was accepted to William Paterson's RN to BSN online program. Looking for feedback good or bad from anyone that attended/graduated from this program.

- Is this program doable to complete in 12 months like it advertises?

- I know a semester is 7 weeks long. Can you take more than 1 class during that time?

- How many classes did you take each semester?

- Are classes difficult? I did the LPN to RN route and was always told that's the hard part. BSN is easy.

Thanks in advance!


I recently was looking into WP for their online RN to BSN program as I am graduating my ADN program in May. I was wondering how the program was going and what you thought about it. It seems to be a reasonable price, which is why I was interested in looking into the program.