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do any of you know anything about william carey college like if it is hard to get accepted, how many students do they accept, what is the lowest gpa, and why isnt anyone else applying? theres not info on this site about it. i talked to someone at WC but all colleges say they are very competitive. your info/opinions would be greatly appreciated. thx.


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One of my best friends went to William Carey and a couple of other people that I know. None of the people who I have come in contact with that went to William Carey were satisfied with their education there. I've heard complaints of it being extremely unorganized among other things. Anyway, as far as admissions are concerned, my best friend got in pretty easily there when she couldn't get in anywhere else because of her grades (she told me that should've sent up red flags for her then).

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msjoseph do u remember what her gpa was? despite the problem of it being disorganized, did any of them feel like they were prepared to be a nurse? the reason im thinking about WC is because of the 18 months needed for a BSN. the other thing is that the tutition is prettty high (9,300+) so i figured not that many ppl would apply.


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William carey is hard. it is quite easy to get in. The formula for entrance is based on GPA, the HESI score, and how long you went to carey(prereq's). Most teachers are great, especially the ones displaced from new orleans and gulfport. Only a couple of teachers were unorganized, but that is everywhere. Carey grads get bragging rights! trust me its that hard

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