will be taking pre nursing in the Spring starting in Janaury excited and nervous


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I am in my administration process for getting into pre nursing now, just have to take care of a few very minor steps before things get done and taken care.

of such as FASFA and transcripts from previous schools. Im really looking forward to going back to school again. But also nervous math and science where never stong points for me so I am sure making time to go see tutors with extra help with my learning disorders would be a very good match for me


but I have a lof to confidence in myself to pull though and make this work!

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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Good luck! 

Take advantage of ALL the help available starting as soon as you can. 


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I am already looking over exam study books before I go into the class



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Good for you for taking this step! I’m also taking my pre-requisites. It’s exciting making progress every semester.