Will there still be room?


Since I've decided to change careers and share that information with friends and collegues, it seems that there are several others wanting to change careers too. In my network of people I know there are currently six people (including myself) switching careers to nursing. I felt somewhat alarmed by this news. Will there be room for me in Central Indiana by the time I am finished with school? Has anyone else had this thought? I guess if anything it is motivating me to push myself very hard so that I stand out as a sort of leader in my courses and hopefully that translates to a wonderful job later.

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I have 3 jobs. All part time 1 with full benefits--the benefited job is also paying my student loan bill. I could work full time at any of 3 if I wanted. Every day I am not sched to work I get a phone call asking if I can come in. I would guess about 1/4 of the RNs I know have at least 2 jobs.

If you can get through school and pass Nclex--if you have a good attitude and a solid work ethic you will get a job--you can probably have your pick of jobs.

Good Luck!! It is an exciting career to be in.

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