Will this be an overload? I don't want to burnout


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So your choices are:

1. Not graduating from your CNA class because you can't pay the tuition bill

2. Taking a job that may allow you to pay the bill, but compromises your ability to study and finish.

Is it possible to take the new job, save the $625, and then finish, get a job as a CNA, which will give you valuable experience once your in nursing school?


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Finish the CNA course. It will most likely help you to get into nursing school. Finish it because you have too much invested at this point and you never know what might transpire to put you in a position where you need another line of work opportunity. You can find CNA jobs (mostly private duty in homes) that will pay more than $7/hr. Some CNAs get as much as $16 or $18/hr, depending on the location and job. Meanwhile, take the higher paying insurance job. You need it. And go back to school to finish your prerequisites and go on to nursing school. Many people have to make hard choices and sacrifice in the beginning to get to their goal of self sufficiency and job satisfaction in the end. Good luck.

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