Will a law suit as an RN hurt me as a CRNA?


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I want to become a CRNA, however, in 2005 I was named in a law suit. I work in labor and delivery and during a c-sect a lap and ring were left in a patient. The patient sued. I was the circulating nurse on the case. The Doctors, the scrub nurse, myself, and the hospital were all named on the suit. The other nurse and I did not carry our own insurance and were covered by the hospital. The hospital settled the case for a mid-range settlement. I was not financial responsible in any way and no disciplinary action was taken against me or my collegue. We worked together to change policy and procedure on our unit. My question is once I become a CRNA will this hurt me in any way?

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As a CRNA, you go thru a credentialing process to get privileges at a facility the same way that physicians and nurse practitioners do. They will be going every single license that you have ever held anywhere in the world, as well as every single insurance policy that you have held for malpractice in any state where you have held a license or have been covered under an insurance policy of the facility.

Each case is determined on its own merit, and you may wish to check with the BON for your state. They make the final determination as far as licensure.

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