Will I still be accepted?

by BrandiB BrandiB (New) New Student Pre-Student

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I am currently a Certified Medical Assistant and I have been working for the largest health company in my area at a fast paced OB/GYN office. I have completed all of the prerequisite courses and only have the actual nursing classes left. I took my TEAS test and scored an 80, I have made all A's and B's and applied for the ADN program for the fall.

I received the email offering a seat in the ADN program. 3 semesters ago I met with the department head of the nursing program to discuss the fact that I have 2 misdemeanors on my record from 19 years ago. I was young and stupid and had no idea how to balance a check book and ended up bouncing 2 small checks. I had moved out from my parents house but never put a change of address in so I never received the certified letters. A guy that I had gone to school with worked at the sheriffs office and let me know that I needed to come to the sheriffs dept to take care of it. I was fingerprinted and spoke with a judge and when left the sheriffs dept an hour later I went and paid all monies owed. I was scared and humiliated, and I have not been in any trouble since then. The dept head told me that she could not say for sure, but if I was her daughter she would tell me to stay the course and she felt that I would be fine. So I have paid my deposit to hold my seat in the program, I have paid for my uniforms and for them to be embroidered, all of my immunizations are done, and I have even completed all of the online training required for one of the hospital systems that we are required to do clinicals in.

I came home today to find a slip for a certified letter from my college. There wasn't anyone here to sign for it, so now I have to wait until Monday to pick the letter up. I completed my background check on Wednesday, so in my head I am freaking out thinking that that is what the certified letter is about. I am still registered for the nursing classes, it still shows ADN as my major, and all of my financial aid and my scholarships awarded still show up on my bill and schedule. I have TERRIBLE anxiety and I am just SUPER scared that the certified letter is telling me that because of the misdemeanors on my record that I can not be accepted into the program.

Mind you this is all speculation in my head, but has anyone else ever had this happen? Has anyone ever received a certified letter from their college for ANYTHING? I do not owe any money to them, I haven't ever gotten in any trouble at school, etc. I'm just really scared that I have worked really hard, and being an RN is all I have wanted for so long I just do not know what else I would want to do!!