Will I still be able to attend LPN Nursing School Orientation?

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hello all so I'm a 24 year old college student who just got into my community college's LPN Nursing program.

So once I got my letter I started getting my medical records and copies together and checked. In doing that, I needed an MMR vaccine and I also decided to get my TB skin test done, well see prior to this I wasn't told nor aware that you can't take both at the same time and the nurse that did my shots, didn't inform me of this either, so when I came in the following Friday, the nurse that got me that day, told me that because of that, the TB test I took doesn't count so now I have to do it all over again on the 18th of July. And then the following week go back and see the over all results.

So my issue is orientation day is on the 25th of July. So I'll have the first part of my TB test done, but not the second part. I'll be going on Monday to ask and see what ends up happening, but I just want to hear some opinions, do you think this will prevent me from being able to attend orientation?

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Should still be able to attend orientation. Most of the time you just need your vaccines done before clinically start which is a few weeks into the semester. Only your nursing advisor can give you a for sure answer though.

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You can also ask for the Quantiferon Gold test. It's a blood work that tests for TB and is far more reliable than the PPD skin test. The system I work for actually doesn't use the skin test anymore (which thrilled me when I found out).

QuantiFERON-TB Gold – QuantiFERON

Thanks! I appreciate your comment, I'll be asking on Monday to see what the definite answer is and see how it goes.

I'll see what they say about that on Monday, thanks for commenting!

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