Will I be able to take boards after a deferred class c misdemeanor?

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I received a class c misdemeanor for consumption of alcohol by a minor in Texas when I was 19. I had drank a few beers at a friend's house and was being driven home by an of age friend who herself received no citations. We were pulled over for 'stopping in the middle of the road' while we were backing out of the driveway. This case probably could have been argued but because I was drinking and I was underage I plead no contest. I am now 20 and will not turn 21 until a month after I graduate the RN program that I am in in Oklahoma. I am a year into the program and sincerely need to know how this will affect me. It shows up on no record and was deferred after the fine was paid and an alcohol awareness class was taken. Should I disclose it on my nclex application? Should I first try to have in expunged before I apply? I will be applying for the test in Oklahoma. Will a Texas record be seen? I have no clue as to the severity of my situation



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I have a minor in consumption of alcohol from 2 months before my 21st birthday. It has done nothing to me so far. I am one semester away from my ADN and so far so good. There will be a question about it on the licensure application and I'll have to explain. My BON obviously couldnt give an exact answer if it could affect getting a license but basically said that if there have been no other issues on my record, that it will likely not hold up my license. I am almost 28, so a little further from the misdemeanor then you are currently, so it would be good to check with your BON if they have a timeframe that you can't have had certain misdemeanors in to be licensed. My CNA application asked about felonies and misdemeanors and I disclosed it there. I am also in a state that requires FBI fingerprinting for both licensure and most healthcare jobs. I hold a level one clearance card, and there was no holdup with my CNA certificate.

All this to say, try not to worry contact your BON and just ask them, but this will likely cause little if any problem if its your only infractions outside of traffic tickets and such.