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Hi all. I am a nursing student and plan on going into Cardiac Nursing. I am a heart patient myself who was encourged to go into Cardiac Nursing by my cardiologist. I plan on going into this type of nursing as I have a vested interest in it. Are there any organizations I can join ahead of time or places I can volunteer that deal specifically with this speciality? What's a good way to get started early??

I thank you! :clown: Epona


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Not sure of any organizations you can join. Make sure you get the basics of nursing down (that goes without saying) :-) Focus on your cardiac meds... your ace inhibitors, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, nitrates etc. Take basic ecg. You can take that before you're a nurse. And eventually progress to 12 lead. It will really all start coming together. I got my ACLS shortly after I graduated and that helped greatly too.

Learn your rhythm strips and you'll be one step ahead. Good luck!


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Thank you all smiles RN. That is some great advice. I will bookmark this thread. Oh... and as far as organizations, not sure if you are aware, but you can join AACN. They focus on critical care and you can specialize in Cardiac Medicine through them.

Thank you again! :) Epona

I'm not sure if this would help, but maybe you could volunteer on a cardiac unit. The volunteers in the hospital I work in do various things, but maybe you could approach a nurse manager and let them know of your interests. Maybe you could get involved in patient education or something like that?


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That is very good advice loriann. Great advice. I appreciate you all trying to help me out!! :) Epona

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