Will an expunged record restrict how far I can go in Nursing?


Hi, I recently got into some trouble for trying to re-enter a football game when there was a no re-entry policy. It seems like I am going to be charged with trespassing (as a misdemeanor) and an underage (a summary offense). I am currently a sophomore at a good nursing school and I was regretfully a little careless.. such a stupid mistake. Anyways, I should be able to get these records expunged through a probation program by the end of my junior year. I will have other accreditations that should hopefully make me look better, such as a minor in biology and a pre-med certificate. My questions are:

A) with expunged records, and if I disclose everything honestly, will I have a good chance of the BON letting me take the NCLEX?

B) I have always wanted to become a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist because my grades have always been top notch, will this hinder my chances of going to crna school or another masters program?

C) If it is best to disclose this information to future employers and institutions, then what is the point of getting records expunged?

You are really asking for legal advice - something not many RN's are qualified to dispense and I would urge you to instead contact an attorney. Spending a few dollars for a qualified legal opinion is in my opinion, a very worthwhile investment, especially considering the stakes.

Best of luck to you and a final opinion: Remember that advice from this, or any other internet forum, is worth exactly what you paid it.