Will Be Writing Soon


Hello, I would like to start writing nursing articles on various topics:

  • how to get that job
  • how to write a resume
  • how to interview (smile !)
  • jobs available outside the hospital setting
  • how to love working in extended care nursing
  • how to proceed in your first nursing job
  • how to end your final nursing job: Happy or Hate my Job, Get me out of here..
  • Entering retirement: It's not what you think!
  • Stress, meditation, and exercise
  • Healthy eating: It's not that difficult

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It's easy---just start writing! Articles have to be at least 500 words and approved by the admins before they're published. You also need to write a little 'blurb' to tell us what the article is about. Otherwise, it's just like making a post, only select Article instead of Thread. Good luck---I look forward to seeing your articles soon.