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WIG with Promotion for VA nurse

Alison Kirkpatrick RN specializes in Pre-Op/PACU/OR/Endoscopy.

So I began my career with the VA in 2014. I was brought in as a Nurse I Level 3 Step 13 with 15 years experience as a Pre-Op/PACU/OR/Endoscopy with an ADN. In 2015 I was promoted to Nurse 2. When they promoted me, they reset my WGI date and pushed it out a year. So I did not receive a WGI until 2017. Was this correct? I can find nowhere that they reset your date with a promotion. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

From my understanding, I think that once you get promoted to Nurse II, your within grade increases occur every 104 weeks(two years). I use to have a document that stated such, but it's not saved to my personal computer. 

Alison Kirkpatrick RN

Specializes in Pre-Op/PACU/OR/Endoscopy.

So when you come in above a 1/3/5, it pushes it from 1 year to 2. My question is when you are promoted why does it push your anniversary date back? I didn't get another step increase until 2017.


Alison Kirkpatrick RN

Specializes in Pre-Op/PACU/OR/Endoscopy.

This is also my question. I can't find it anywhere in writing that your date pushes back when you get promoted.


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