Wichita: Nurses organizing union at Wesley Medical Center

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Wichita Business Journal 1/11/2002

Wesley Medical Center nurses have support to force union vote

Patient Care Alliance holding off to build votes

Jerry Siebenmark

Nurses behind an effort to organize a union at Wesley Medical Center say they've got enough support to force a vote on forming a collective bargaining unit, but they're holding out to get more signatures.

Members of the Patient Care Alliance say they've got the signatures of more than 30 percent of Wesley's 810 nurses -- enough to get the National Labor Relations Board to conduct a vote. ..

Developing more support

...PCA was formed in July with the intention of forming a collective bargaining unit at the 760-bed, for-profit hospital. PCA officials say high nurse-to-patient ratios, staffing shortages and nurse burnout at Wesley make a union necessary to protect the employees...

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