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Yesterday I received a letter from my state board telling me I didn't sign my 2x2 picture correctly. I am so upset. I had been wondering why it was taking so long for me to get my ATT number to schedule mt test. What made it worse is that I it's the weekend and can't get in touch with my Dean of Nursing or state board. I actually called my dean at home and left a message because I knew she wouldn't mind and haven't heard back. I start work tomorrow and it's all day so I don't know when I'll be able to get my dean to sign the new picture. Also don't know how far this will put be back from taking my test. I tell you what if this was going to happen to anybody it was going to happen to me.


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At least you got a letter telling you what was wrong. I never got anything after numerous attempts to contact the board.


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This too shall pass......................

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I mean..... I know that deep down, somewhere inside the BON's heart.... it has a purpose..... but damn, if we already didn't have enough to deal with already for getting ready for school.

I'm sorry. Our school STILL hasn't sent our transcripts, and we graduated In early may... I feel your pain!

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