Why does LTC seem to have a bad rep?


Hello. I'm an aspiring nursing student and have been reading these boards since I first decided to pursue this dream. I just read a post about what specialty you want/ don't want and almost everyone said no to LTC. Also, I have read many posts about new grad job searching and I keep seeing "if you can't get anything else, try LTC". It's said almost like a last resort. I promise I'm not trying to start trouble or come down on LTC nurses, I am honestly trying to understand why people seem to have this kind of attitude. I'm getting the impression that LTC has high patient ratios. Is this why? Is LTC more "work"? If you don't mind, please help me understand the negatives and positives to working as a LTC nurse. Thanks!



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I am an R.N. in LTC. have worked in LTC all my life it seems. Started out as CNA. LTC has bad rap and always will due to people's ignorance. Yes, it's hard work. Yes, the nurse/patient ratio is high. Yes, there are skills I haven't used in awhile. Some nurses think LTC nurses 'just pass meds'. That is not true. Its not about LTC......its about what do you really find rewarding in your nursing career. I LOVE my job in LTC. Yep, been in hospitals, and doctor's offices...etc. There are many skills I have that hospital nurses don't. But for the most part......it is peoples ignorance in that nursing homes are just a place to watch people die. your underpaid and overworked. I say every nurse should work in a nursing home as an aide and a nurse.

I draw blood, do IV'S, iv pushes.......manage, delegate, call doctors, call families, etc. Oh......i could go on and on about what i do and why i love it. Good luck! You make up your own mind.