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hello i am enrolled in a practical nurse program, and there are alot of rn's that look down on us. after i finish i plan to go straight on to rn. i plan to work hard at anything i do, but i don't want people to treat me like i am nothing. :( :( :( :( :(


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sorry you have been treated this way . most rn's i know don't act this way . maybe it's just a few where your at . or ...and i'm not trying to be nasty , but could you be a little over sensitive ? besides, who cares what those people think , you know the truth .


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It probably has nothing to do with your being an LPN student. Some nurses just dont like students, regardless of what level or degree they have. Its sad, but I am sure most of us who have been in clinicals very long have had atleast one experience that would could have done without.

Try not to assume it is an LPN vs RN issue. Maybe its a personality conflict?

I am sorry you have had bad experiences but from my experience with work and volunteering most RN's are not at all nasty to the LPN's and treat them with respect . There are a few who think they are high and mighty but those are typically the one's who are always complaining about something anyway and usually have been rude and stuck up all of their lifes. Try not to take it too personally and realize that most RN's will treat LPN's with respect.


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Hi. I appreciate your feelings. I've been taught and know that perception is reality. If you're feeling a negative response, then that's what's really going on.

Just remember this. You're doing a wonderful service to people who need you no matter what ANYONE thinks of you! You get up everyday, give your day to people who need you, and ask for nothing (except money) in return! You got a formal education - which was not free or easy--- you've earned the right for respect!

You are as qualified to do your job as an RN is to do his/hers! DO

NOT feel deflated over that! Any RN (or anyone else) who tries to put you down has a problem with his/her own self esteem and self confidence.

Stay focused on WHAT YOU DO! Your patients need you and THEY LOVE YOU!:)


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Please do not think that all nurses feel the way these may. I am an RN and have occasionally seen attitudes from both sides (in AND out of school)....alot of stereotypes or miscommunication...or maybe bad experiences w/students in the past.

I work with a wonderful, experienced LPN and I do not take her for granted for a MINUTE. As a new grad, anyone's experience is helpful (RN/LPN/CNA)...nurses should never think they have learned all there is to learn. It never stops w/our profession. Don't let the bad apples get to you.

Best of luck.

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