Why In The Heck Should I Be A Loyal Nurse?

Companies were loyal to employees as recently as a couple of generations ago, but the good old days are gone forever. Why in the heck should I be loyal to my workplace when I know that the people in upper management would never show any loyalty to me?


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I learned some very hard lessons-because I thought that people were generally good, caring and understanding about situations NOT

Risk management controls many things-corporations change-nothing stays the same.

You should be loyal to your own personal corporation-not some name, or facility or network of facilities that have glorious history

If someone asks where your career loyalty is or why you're not donating your last pint of blood to them....say and memorize, record and replay. MY LOYALTY IS TO THE ______________(PLUG IN YOUR NAME HERE) FOUNDATION. All donations are accepted by the way. LOL


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It's sad to see what healthcare has become. Management never really 'has your back' - their first loyalty is to the almighty dollar & their OWN necks. Morale is in the toilet, nurses are fighting for their hours, staff talks behind management's back & then kisses butt to get extra shifts-- it's the epitome of dysfunction-- just remember the only person you should trust is YOURSELF.


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What a great business model. When employees are happy they are more productive & business thrives.