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Why exactly would one wan't to be a CRNA? (CRNA's please come)


I am doing this essay for a speech class of mine, and I want to become a CRNA, but the reason I don't know why.

I love helping people, I'd like to show my patients compassion and humor especially before they under go surgery, making them feel a little better and a lot less nervous. I am fascinated what anesthesia can do the the human body, paralyzing them temporarily with conscious or no conscious.

But why exactly would someone want to become a CRNA, besides the fact that they make a lot of money. (Since a lot of the CRNA/Anes. I've encountered seem to have taken that path for the money, and they seem to have a very cold personality, like they don't like what they are doing)

So for all the CRNA's out there, why did you become a CRNA and what do you love about your job?

Thanks a bunch!


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Well, I am only an RN, but I want to become a CRNA for a number of reasons.

1. Yes money is a big part. CRNA will ensure that I could provide a future for myself and my famiy.

2. I always enjoyed learning the medications and knowing pathopysiology. So the position fits my interests.

3. CRNA's are more independent. When I shadowed a CRNA a few months back there was only an anesthesiologist popping in once every half hour or so, just checking in. Otherwise the CRNA was totaly independent.

4. As the CRNA I shadowed put it, having the word CRNA behind your name fosters respect from other nurses, doctors, and patients.


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I see that you are a high school sophmore, with many moons to live through before CRNA school. Judging from your other posts, you need to research nursing before deciding that CRNA is right for you. You have your whole life in front of you and I admire the interest in my profession (just a SRNA right now, but I have known I wanted this since I was 19.) I am sorry that the anesthesia providers you have met have been grumpy.

I will say that CRNA's have a job satisfaction rating in the high 90's- good luck finding that in any other profession (including anesthesiologists).

I am becoming one because I am fascinated with how the human body functions- Physiology is the term.

The responsibility I will hold is great (think of the fact that if your mom needs surgery, odds are that a CRNA will be responsible for her life the entire perioperative period.)

Yes, the position is paid well, but when you consider the responsibility it is commensurate, if not underpaid.(you will find that the whole of nursing is underpaid.)

I will also have the opportunity to conduct research, teach others, and have a great time.

Other reasons for becoming a CRNA are many, but I hope this helps you in you journey.

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My reasons for wanting to become CRNA.

1. Autonomy

2. The working envirnoment

3. The quality/depth of education you get in nurse anesthesia school.

4. Financial security (although, I can truthfully say this isn't the biggest factor for me because until my payback is done with the USAF (June 2014) I am not eligible for the anesthesia retention bonuses, and I am not eligible to get out until after that point either.

Good Luck becoming a CRNA is a long road!


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