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Why does everyone think that they can be a nurse/ or nursing is so easy?


how are you?

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mainly because it's not that hard to get into nursing school....


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It's pretty hard (or at least not easy) to get into the nursing schools in central IL that I know of. And they aren't easy to stay in once you are accepted either. We lost 8/32 people in my mental health class last semester alone.

I think a misconception would be for the ADN that since its at a community college that it must be easy. Or that its "only" a 2 year degree. But in reality with pre-reqs even an ADN is 3-4 years when all is said and done.

I dont think a lot of people realize the scope of nursing practice, and they may just think "oh, it doesnt take much to follow a doctors orders, and wipe a few bottoms." They dont realize we need to know what the how and why we are doing what the doctor orders, b/c if its wrong, its our butt on the line.

Well, "easy" and "hard" are relative. Getting into a nursing program is not that hard (way less pre-reqs and basically no 'weed out' courses) compared to med/PT/OT schools. There are a LOT of nursing schools in IL. People who failed to get into med/other grad schools choose accelerated BSN/MSN programs as their plan B as well as people who are looking to change careers/got laid off. I'm not saying it's the correct perception BUT the public people perceive nursing as "if all else fails, there's nursing"

As for ADNs, I have two friends who have skipped ADNs in favor of BSNs because getting into an ADN program is harder than getting into a BSN program. ADN programs have ridiculously long waitlists, a CC near me requires a CNA certification/experience, etc.

In other news, I really should be studying for my NCLEX

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I agree - for someone for whom ANY college education would be a challenge, nursing school can be rather hard. However, for anyone who's been through college once already, nursing school is just work - hence the perception that it's "easy" amongst other professionals.