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Why Choose Nursing

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If you had to do it all over would you do it again? I've been thinking about going back to school to be a Nurse for a long time. I've had people tell me not to be a Nurse---I am not sure if I can handle someone puking on my or cleaning up someone's poop! However, I love to help people and really feel my calling in life is to help people in the healthcare field and not sit at a desk all day! Is there anything I could do to get a feel for Nursing? Do you recommend being a CNA or an MA first? I'm pretty sure this is what I want but I just want to make sure I can stomach it first before I pay all the money and spend the time! Also---do Doctors really treat Nurses bad? Do older Nurses really "eat their young"?

Thanks for your help!

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There are other careers in healthcare that are out of nursing that can also be considered! MRI techs, Repiratory therapy, Physical therapy, EMT/Paramedic, ultrasound techs and so on.

It all depends on what it is you want to do to help!

Also, there are translators in different languages that learn medical lingo to help those that can't understand english well enough for patient education! :) Oh they are so helpful, and I hear the pay is very nice too!

As far as MD's, RN's being mean or what not...you have these types of people in any field! But yes, I have found the share of these have been quite high for such a caring field...so much somedays I feel like I am back in highschool..LOL!

The work itself...well no one says it would be easy taking care of people! So many different types of people, so many differnent types of dynamics with family and even staff, so many emotions, so many things to do, and it is non stop! It is like being a mother/father to upteen many ill people...LOL! So, far from glamorous, and certainly far from simply doing treatments and getting out of a room. Naaaaa...you are the surigate mom/dad! LOL!

But it does have its own personal rewards if you can make it through and learn how to deal with all the dynamics!

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