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Why apply for a new RN residence program?


Is it necessary in order to get a real RN position?

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I don't believe it's that necessary to get into a residency program. Lots of new grads, especially in today's economy, had to toughen up and start out in a new field without the ever-present mentor and valuable classroom time that comes with a new grad program. However, I think we all will get the same type of experience and won't be missing out if you take advantage of the experienced nurses who will be working with you. It's all about persistence. You can learn absolutely nothing in a new grad program if you don't take the initiative.

If you have the opportunity to start in a program then kudos to you! No matter where you end up or what format you have for learning your skills, take advantage of anything and everything since I'm sure that there's at least someone who will be willing to help you in your new grad years. I'm doing so right now and at this point in my career, I can say that I'm fairing quite well without a residency program. It' would've been awesome if I had the opportunity, but my luck didn't turn out as such. But hey, everything happens for a reason!

Good luck to you and with sufficient research and confidence, you will succeed with or without a program; it's all up to you! :yeah:


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FWIW, there are at least 2 hospitals in my area and the ONLY way they hire new grads is through their residency program. So you either are an experienced RN, or you get accepted into the program, or you look elsewhere for employment.


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It's a job.