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Who Would I Talk To If I Had a Safety Concern?

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I don't have any safety concerns. I'm a brand new baby nurse and just want to have all my info in line if I ever needed it.

If I felt there was a safety concern on the floor which was not being addressed, despite the best efforts of staff nurses, what outside agency do you take it to? [ETA : This is one of those "management is doing nothing about it" things, and presuming I'd be willing/able to do something.]

Who can I ask about HIPAA compliance that would be independent of my institution? I have a couple questions I've not been able to get an answer to online (on BBS), but I feel they are questions which need to be answered by an outside source to ensure they are being objective and not just protecting the interests of the institution.


PS - Again, I don't have issues with the floor, nor am I looking for any. I just want to be prepared. If someone has a NY "Contact List" of some sort for a variety of issues, that would be great, too. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.