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It was simple when I was new grad. I used professors and a previous supervisor. I'm in a difficult situation now. I've been working at the same hospital for several years but would like to apply to a job outside of the hospital. I'm debating about asking my current supervisor to be a reference, but then I would be letting the cat out the bag about leaving before the job was in hand. I think she would wish me well and give me a good reference, but am not sure. If I ask co-workers...I wonder if they will gossip (they always do) and word get out that I'm looking for a new job. Argh! I don't want to jinx it.

I think I might use a university professor for one reference. But I need 3-5 refs. Has anyone been in the same boat? Who did you use? Should I ask my current supervisor? How is it done? I know I could get good references from coworker and supervisor, but... I don't want them to know I am looking elsewhere! :uhoh21:

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I, too, had been working at the same hospital for seven years, when a wonderful job opportunity came my way in the private sector. I was in the same boat that you were in, not wanting to let the "cat out of the bag", and told them that the only reference available would be from the nursing school I had graduated from the year before. They understood, and after getting the necessary release forms signed, obtained a copy of my final evaluation...which was signed by several of my former instructors, as well as the Director of the school.

I got the job. Check and see if your school did the same thing. Good luck! :)


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I am going through the exact same thing right now. I do not want my supervisor to know anything about this possible new job. She has a way of making life difficult for those that are looking else where. I asked a RN on my floor that I work closely with and knows my qualifications. I also put 2 fellow LPNs that I am very close with. One of which left his position to go work for the place I'm trying to get this new job at.

Good luck!

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