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Who plans to start Their DNP?

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Hey guys,

I'm just interested to chat with others who are applying to DNP programs for summer or fall 2015 (or any graduate program really). I'm finally ready to apply, I should finish my RN-to-BSN program at WGU (after a brief Term Break) in March or April 2015.


1.) What school(s) are you applying to?

2.) What focus is your DNP? (APRN, Leadership, education?)

3.) Full-time or part-time?

4.) What are you looking forward to most?

5.) Do you have any ideas for you DNP project?

6.) What is your practice Background (if applicable)?

7.) What type of setting/specialty would you like to work in after finishing your DNP?

Ill Go First:

1.) Frontier Nursing University (My dream school):MSN + Companion DNP and UNC-CH: BSN to DNP (also a good option and instate for me!)

2.) looking for preparation as a APRN: FNP.

3.) I am pursuing Full-Time study and hopefully a TA (teaching assistant) or RA (Research Assistant) position.

4.) I'm looking forward to the office procedures/clinical skills (suturing and such) and getting to work on y Doctoral project idea.

5.) I really want to evaluate the clinical outcomes of patients utilizing convenient care modalities (such as retail clinics, mobile clinics, remote provider visits, and son telehealth practices) and identify their potential (or factual) to increase access to care in rural and underdeveloped communities and how they can be better implemented into those communities.

6.) I am a CVICU nurse with a little over 1.5 years of experience.

7.) I think I would love to work on a Mobile Clinic in a rural area, one day or Retail Health. An urgent care office would be something I imagine I might like doing as well.

I welcome any helpful/beneficial advice from those who are/have been down this road through graduate school.

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