Who knows about breast lymphedema after cancer?


I just finished breast cancer treatments three months ago -- lumpectomy, axillary dissection, chemotherapy, radiation. Now, suddenly (just as I am going crazy trying to finish nursing school and graduate in three weeks), I have developed lymphedema of the breast.

Has anyone heard of this or dealt with this before? There is scant information available because it's not very common, but I've got it and it isn't fun. Any help would be appreciated.

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Lymphedema of the breast? Not arm?


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Yes, the breast. My arm is fine. My breast surgeon (who lives 250 miles away) told me this does happen and that I should find someone who can do lymphatic massage, but alas, in my small town, there is no one. So I'm just limping by trying to do it myself and it's not really working......

Nesher, BSN, RN

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There is a national lymphedema network - I became a lymphatic massage therapist ( Vodder Manual Lymphatic Massage Therapist - look on line for someone near you) after diagosing my mom over the phone ( they thought she had cellulitis.) - there are ways to do it for yourself or to teach a friend or loved one to help. The site is:


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