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Who is hiring in DFW TX?

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Hi nurses,

I graduated last September, with A BSN and I am having trouble finding a job having no prior experience except for clinicals. My nursing school was in PA, had previously lived in DFW metroplex so after school decided to come back. Even the non-hospital facilities are reluctant to hire. A couple of them that I had interviews with just told me they know I won't stay at their facilities. I applied for the January internships, have already received a bunch of regrets except for two and now I am worried for how long I am going to be waiting. FYI, I already passed my NCLEX-RN. Need your guidance nurses out there. Thanks.



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I don't know if any of the hospitals are still hiring for the January internships. I know that Baylor and Parkland both have already completed some interviews. Texas Health Resources sent me something last week regarding an interview. Baylor still has a gn position listed for their pediatric speciality hospital. I'll can tell you what I did when I initially started looking. I went to www.jobster.com and put in gn and texas. If a gn position was listed for a particular hospital I went to that hospitals website to make sure it was still listed. If it was, then I applied.

Thanks lweatherby,

I exactly applied that tactic you gave. And now that you say Baylor is done or almost done with interviewing then I have only one to count on. That is scary! However, I remain positive and will keep applying however long it takes.

It is tough out there right now. I was actually hired at John Peter Smith today. I hear they will have more openings posted over the course of the next several weeks. Keep looking a the website...the jobs are posted as RN1.

HCA in NorthRichland Hills is currently scheduling interviews for 4 internships. I was called and completed the gallup survey and was told interviewing will begin next week.

Parkland in Dallas contacted me today about an application I submitted last night. So they are not done interviewing yet.

Texas Health Resources seems to be hiring mostly from existing staff. Externs and such. Methodist hospitals are hiring...but externs get first dibs. They are almost finished filling the Jan internships. FYI...they are not yet interviewing for the ED spot at the Dallas facitilty and as of yesterday it was still posted.

Good luck to you all. I know first hand how stressful the job hunt is.

It is just too relieving to hear from people going through or have gone through the same hassle. Yes, the only place I am counting on is North Hills for thier GN positions. I also had the gallup survey. I had a phone interview with JPS in October, but seems I applied for the wrong position before I understood what those RNI, II, .... meant because the one I applied for was an RN II position. Once again thanks. Good luck in your new job and congratulations too.