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I've researched, developed, and created an entire "Wellness Program" based on prevention that serves a dual purpose:

1) better healthcare outcomes for patients as a result of assessment and identification of risk factors that are associated with certain conditions that if testing is done to diagnose the presence of disease that interventions can be implemented to treat or prevent the disease process and

2) the program would benefit the institution or healthcare facility in the form of increased revenue as a result of the increased number of tests performed that were generated by the program through the assessments identifying those with risk factors who would benefit from testing.

I have created all the needed forms, and the entire process, including ICD-9 coding that supports the diagnosing of why the tests are ordered, but it's ddriving me crazy because I don't know who to contact in the various facilities or institutions to market my idea! I have a certain fee in mind to charge, and in turn that would give whomever purchased the program, the rights to place their letterhead on all the forms along with my presence to orientate their personnel of how, what, why and where of the workings.

If any of you fellow brilliant nurses have any ideas please let me know. I've been away from nursing for the past year after a Patient Program, that I worked within, was eliminated. I took this time to develop this but at a dead end! Please help if anyone has any information that may help. Thanks!

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Sorry that you have not received any responses. Let me give some thought to this and post later.

Anyone have any ideas on how to help?

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