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Who is applying LCC nursing program next March 2015


I know that this is about 7 months away, but was wondering who is planning on applying for the Nursing program next Spring? I have 5 prereqs to finish up and will be putting my application in for the March deadline next year. I had talked with my advisor earlier this week and she had told me that they are making changes to the point system again, which has made me slightly nervous depending on what changes they do. I have heard that they may not be accepting volunteer hours anymore, even though I don't have too many yet I have been working on getting hours in and was hoping to have at least a few points from the volunteer hours to help make up the points that I lose from being out of district since I live in Livingston county. Will just have to wait to see what the final outcome is with the changes that they make.

This fall semester I will be taking physiology and human development, both at the Parker campus. Spring semester will be microbiology lecture and lab along with pharm. it is going to be a couple of busy semesters with balancing work although I am looking forward to it.

I applied and am awaiting results! If I 4.0 the semester I am looking at 149 total points. Doing great so far!