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Hello everyone,

The hospital where I work has chosen to have their nurses wear white scrub tops and Navy bottoms. I love the look, very crisp and easy to identify nurses vs CNA's or housekeeping. Patients seem to like it as well. I am having a problem with some of the white scrub tops out there, being too shear. I am a warm person by nature and being menopausal is not helping me either. But the thicker material is too hot for me, and the thinner material is really see through which I do not like. I am trying hard to find a Plus-Size Camisole that is not tight or form fitting. I just want something that is thin and loose that I can put under some of the thinner white scrubs. You would think that would be easy to find, but I can't come up with anything that does not have a bunch of bows on it, or is designed to make a plus sized woman "thinner". I need comfort. Does anyone layer their scrubs with a camisole? Is there a brand you use? Or a web site you can direct me to? :nurse:


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I don't know about camisoles, but if it were me, I would just get some of the "wife-beater" (ugh I hate that term) type tank tops. They're super cheap and very thin. They are a bit more fitted (though not tight), but I think having an undergarment loose makes them feel hotter and much more bulky.

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or can you just wear a skin tone bra? I also am a person that if i say it's cold, it must be really cold, because I am always warm... when i had to wear white, i wore all nude underwear and bra's, even under the thinnest white scrubs, and you never saw them...


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Oh, also, the plus size section on Old Navy's website currently has several camis and tank tops on sale. I know at least a couple of them have white.


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Thanks! I will try that. I do usually wear skin colored bras, but you can see my pants at my waist through the white top, and I am a bit on the modest side, and you can see my belly button and I just wanted to cover it up a bit. I'd have rather had blue tops and white pants if you can believe that.

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Deb Shops had a large selection of plain camisoles and tank tops. Some are even the long kind, which I like. They usually run about 5-6 dollars each. I pair their tank tops with pretty much everything.

I bought some at Avenue to wear under my scrubs, which are also white.