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White Leather Shoes for Nursing School

atrrlrva atrrlrva (New) New

I am starting nursing school in the spring and our dress code for clinicals requires all white leather shoes with laces. We can use athletic shoes, but not clogs, sandals, or slip-ons. Does anyone have any recommendation? I'm looking for something comfortable of course but preferably not too pricey. Thanks! :)

mindofmidwifery specializes in ICU Stepdown.

I'm gonna be getting Nike Shox! New Balance also makes all white leather sneakers

beckysue920 specializes in Psych, HIV/AIDS.

Just don't spill urine on them...they turn BLACK. Been there done that and there is no coming back.

I could never understand the logic of requiring nursing students wear white uniforms and white shoes. I get it that they want to differentiate the students from the actual nurses, but things get dirty, quickly.

Ooh, Nike Shox don't seem bad. I'll check out New Balance shoes, too. Thanks for your response! :D

Haha I'll try not to. That's primarily why I want to get cheap (yet comfortable) ones, so when I ruin them, it won't be as bad

verene specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

Double check that the white shoes are actually required. According to the dress code posted online by my school we must wear white leather shoes and any undershirts to our scrubs must be white. Talking to actual clinical instructors - none had every heard of the "white only" requirement and thought it was silly. In reality shoes must be clean, comfortable, and preference for neutral colors; shirts are the same - any neutral color is allowed.

It is required. They told us and it is all in the papers they gave us. "ALL WHITE LEATHER SHOES WITH LACES. No clogs, sandals, or slip-ons. May be white leather athletic shoes."


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