Which Units for Externship?


Hey there nursing peeps!

So I'm a student nurse, set to graduate May 2017. So far I've had the following clinicals- med-surg, OB, psych and community. I'm lucky enough to have gotten an interview for a very competitive summer externship:) Now, I know that I'll be asked what top 3 units I'd like to work in. I absolutely love OB, so that will be my first choice. As for the other 2, I would love to hear your opinion. I'm thinking about emergency, because I heard you get to practice lots of procedures i.e foleys, IVs, etc. The other options are NICU, ICU, psych, neuro, med-surg, pediatrics and LTC. I don't want to do med-surg because we get 2 pretty solid clinical semesters there and I know I don't want to work there as an RN. Any insight/ suggestions?


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You've got a wide range of options there. Can't you narrow it down a bit based on the type of nursing you hope to do after graduation? An externship is a great way to get your foot in the door of a "hard to get" specialty after graduation. Use this opportunity to get some experience in the type of unit you want to work in long-term. Think long-term ... not short-term.