Which Travel Agency Do You Recommend?


Any thoughts on travel agencies you would recommend and those we should avoid?


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It's not the "company" so much as it is the person you speak with and how they interact with you. Call a bunch, talk to several and find the few you can communicate with. I used to think that one or two companies were enough but this current job hunt I have 3 looking and am thinking I will have to find a couple more to maybe be able to go where I want to. Just my opinion.



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Rod, You are right. You need to be working with a few, get all your needed paperwork into them. I like my current recruiter for this current travel job I am on, because she always gets right back with me, and we get a long. Other agencies the recruiters are not as good, but do work with a few, it will pay off.

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it's all about the recruiter. yes, have a few agencies. some have more jobs than others or exclusive contracts. but you need to like and trust your recruiter. PM me if you want some suggestions.