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Which schools accept NICU experience only?

Hello Everyone! I work in Neonatal ICU and currently have three years of experience. I heard that some CRNA programs do accept people with NICU experience. Does anyone happen to know which schools these might be?

Thanks in advance!


Has 15 years experience.

It is best to determine the schools you are interested in and then contact them. I was in a NICU and transferred to and Adult ICU to become more competitve.


Specializes in NICU, CVICU. Has 4 years experience.

I also switched from NICU to adult CVICU to prepare for applications to CRNA school. Not only does the CVICU provide valuable experience and learning that you will never get in the NICU (working with post op patients with multiple comorbidities, swans, balloons, VADs, ECMO etc.), but the adult ICU also opens doors to so many more schools that do not accept NICU only experience.

As for those that will accept NICU, go to aana.com and there is a listing of every accredited program in the US along with websites for each program. Check out the schools you are interested in and give them a call.

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