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Well....HEY! i am new.

I am currently at USM pursuing my BSN, however, I am thinking about going to a community college next semester than transferring back to a university for the last two years....I have been going back and forth..Hinds Community College{Pearl, Ms}- I could go fo free, stay with my parents, and get my old job back. Mississippi College-a excellent nursing program-expensive (private school) but I was offered a large scholarship and I would be closer to family & friends {Clinton, Ms}. or stick it out at University of Southern Ms {hattiesburg, Ms}- I am doing well so far, not too fond of my dorm..or roomate but my grades are excellent... basically what I am asking is..what would be the best path to take?? :othanks for taking the time to read this :)

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This is ridiculously late, but I feel like it may be useful to mention to anyone else, that albeit bias, I went to Mississippi College, probably the toughest, and very hard to transfer in (preference to people starting as freshman there). It is however highly respected from my impression when I applied for Nurse Practitioner School locally, and got in the first time.

Private schools are always more expensive than Community Colleges, but if you wanted to go further than your RN, they have a great program, albeit very difficult (similar fail rates despite high average academic GPA, NLN scores). In reality this area (Mississippi) is very... very cheap for school, I moved here from finishing my high school in the North, every single other private school was in the 20+ thousand a year, MC has a huge scholarship fund that often can give you even with average grades amazing scholarships.

Good luck everyone!

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