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Which oral care product is better for intubated pateints?


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Our oral care kits have have peroxide and cetylpyridinium chloride. Some doc's order chlorhexadine instead. I think we are moving towards using both at different intervals. Do any of you prefer one over the other or think one is better than the other?

MunoRN, RN

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For preventing VAP, the recommended and evidence supported solution is chlorhexadine 0.12%. The CHG shouldn't rely on an order, it should be protocol for any intubated patient. Other solutions can be used for routine q 2hr cleaning.

I agree with the previous comment, we are currently using chlorhexidine gluconate oral solution that you clean each patient's mouth out with every 8 hours and then can provide mouth care with chlorhexidine swabs as needed every 2 hours and PRN. I believe that it is protocol and a vent standard that we are currently using! :)

My employer is a larger organization with several hospitals. A few years ago they switched to the sage oral kit regimine with a QID chlorhexadine scrub and we have seen a significant reduction in VAP rates. THe Sage kits include 2 bristled brushs in each kit that are soft enough to be safe with tramatic intubations or bleeding risk patients plus four other cleansing sponges to make a q4hr mouth care regimine. It has made a difference for all of our facilities.