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So, my allnurses family, if you have acceptance offers from Saint louis university for ANP (private school and very expensive)

, Ursuline College for FNP (private and expensive as well), University of Cinci for ANP (expensive as well) and finally a state school Texas Tech which is very reasonable can pay out of pocket without taking out a loan, but requires more credit hours (8 credits) to complete which one of these schools will you pick. :idea: :confused:



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Wow! I would definitely lean toward the one you can pay out of pocket. But, you have to look at the program, curriculum, reputation, work load, etc.

Good Luck!:twocents:



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Tough choice, I had a similar situation. I am accepted to the SLU ANP program as well and will start in January. I was definitely looking at price as I also had a choice to go to another school I could pay out of pocket for. I work at a hospital with a few nurse practitioners who went through SLU's program and were VERY happy with it! I had, at one point, decided to go with the cheaper school, but realized education wise I was going to get what I paid for at the cheaper school. However, I definitely think there are cheaper schools out there that have just a good of programs! I would suggest asking for their pass rate on boards and just seeing how helpful the staff and faculty are. That makes a huge difference when you're stressed out and needing advice. While SLU is a big school, I've had pretty good luck getting what I need from them. I was actually on-campus yesterday and met several of their staff and they were all very helpful and friendly. Good luck and hope everything turns out well for you!