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Which Nursing School? Advice please


I've been accepted to two separate BSN programs. One at a large state university with a good reputation, but a very high student/teacher ratio. The second is a small college with little name recognition, but a really solid program and low student/teacher ratio (about 8/1). I'd like to get into a prestigious MSN program in a few years, and persue a DNP further down the road. Truthfully I like the smaller school more, but I don't want to hurt my chances of getting into a highly recognized MSN program. So, what do you all think?

I would choose the smaller college under the information you just gave. I am assuming you are not a RN and that you wish to rise in the ranks of nursing leadership.

Attendind a college you like and one where you can get a solid education with personal attention from faculity will serve you better than being in running at the larger college. Nursing school is very different than traditional college education. A solid foundation and understanding is critical for future practice success. Plus, the higher grades you will surely recieve at the college you prefer to be at will help at the time you apply for MSN. Plus, letters of recommendation from your small college professors will certainly be more personal and enduring to the admissions staff.

Good luck!:yeah:

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Make sure the school you pick is "accredited". Often advanced degree schools won't accept students from schools that aren't accredited.

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