Which new grad job?


I have a position that I have not formally accepted yet on a VERY BUSY med-surg floor with a 1:6 ratio, 12 hr shifts. The same hospital has an urgent care center extremely close to my house and a position for an office nurse, 8 hr shifts.

The pay is the same.

One part of me wants the med-surg job to gain valuable experience as a new grad. I think this is the one I'm leaning towards, but I know it's going to be so stressful on that floor, but the team seems pretty cohesive and I like the nurses who I was working with when I have shadowed there before.

My long term goal is to do PMHNP. What do you think?


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If the pay is the same go for the urgent care. I've never worked for one, but I believe it will be far less stressful. I've worked med surg before and I'll never go back if I can help it. It will be especially bad if you don't make it through orientation due to making a med error, time management, culture of the unit, etc. Med surg experience doesn't necessarily translate to mental health NP either and won't really help you prepare for school. Either way it's up to you, but most people I know don't enjoy med surg because you basically spend all your time charting, passing meds (refreshment and narcotics, how may I help you?), admitting, and discharging patients. Bottom line, there is no need putting yourself through all of that if you want to be a mental health nurse practitioner. Even if you are possibly thinking ER or ICU, telemetry would be better than med surg.