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Which job would you take?

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Ok so I work PT (2 12s)/week. I was doing PT bc of my daughter, but now need more hours so would have to go back to 3 12s soon. Busy med-tele unit. Hate the docs, they're awful. Coworkers are ok, not the best, not the worst. I like my manager. Every other weekend, some holidays. I'm always running around and charting my butt off. Pay is about 36/hr. Benefits so-so.


Job offer is for an adult day care. I think I'd love it (obviously not for everyone) biggest nursing duty is the UAS assessment . The manager and other nurse seem amazing. It's 7 to 230 m to friday. No weekends/holidays (actually off Xmas Eve, Xmas, tgiving, Black Friday etc) and snow days. As my child gets older manager said she is very flexible on bringing them in if needed here and there. Violent/disruptive attendees are not allowed in the center. Pay was offered at 29/hr, I might be able to negotiate to $30/hr. Benefits for family were astronomical however reasonable for someone single and are on par with hospital benefits. Daughter would switch to husband's benefits.

It's been so long since I did m to friday. I'm worried I won't see my daughter as much but I don't see her at all the days I work now. Obviously the pay cut is significant as week, though I think I could swing it financially. 

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The day care sounds "easier", but it's odd to need to work more hours and agree to a huge pay cut at the same time. Beyond that, things aren't always what they seem. Maybe it's wonderful, and maybe it's not.

What are your work-related, long term goals? Med-surg/tele keeps more doors open than adult day care does.

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