Which job to take pls help!!


Hello. I am a RN who has worked 20 months in a GI office as my first job. As a new grad it was all I could find that would take me. Fast forward to the present and I need to move on. GI has been great but there is no chance to grow or move up there. Plus I don't want to get stuck in one speciality. I have been looking for a new job now for months and hospitals won't even call me for an interview! They all want prior hospital experience. Thing is how can I get hospital experience if no hospital will hire me?! I'm frustrated and the only interviews I've had have been a few for home health and one for an occupational health position for a large corporation. Here are my questions: what do you think is better? What have been your experiences in Home health and is there room for growth? Can you get hired at a hospital if you have home health experience? What about occupational health nursing? I don't know much about it does anyone have experience with this? And if so, where do you go from there? Please any advice would be MUCH appreciated!!!!

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From my limited experience job searching as a new grad, it seems that there really is not hard and fast rule regarding experience. I know that they say you need hospital experience, but then I have been told I needed RN experience. It seems to me that it all depends on if the recruiter likes you or not.

For example, two of my classmates have found jobs in Telemetry and from the job descriptions, it says they require 1~3 years.

The only thing you can do is to keep applying and to fluff your resume to make your experience sound better in writing then it really was (to you).


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What interests you more? We have to look at the future, but go with what might is more interesting to you! There are so many other places to work than in a hospital, do what you want because life is too short!