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I've been looking into schools for nursing, and the two that I have come down to are BC3 (Butler County Community College) and UPMC Shadyside. I know that UPMC offers a 22 month program, and will also help with your tuition as long as you sign a contract to work for them, which is something I'm interested in. I was wondering if anyone knows of a hospital that is linked with BC3 that will do the same?


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You should post this in the Pennsylvania forum and you might get more responses.


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actually i am at UPMC shadyside now and my class was the last to get the full free ride they recently changed it. from what i understand they will pay for it once you get through the first 2 semesters. but they still want the 2 year commitment. now this is still a great deal. but the program is a tough and demanding one and there are casualties of war every semester. they were basically losing money so the modified it... cant really blame them for that it makes perfectly good sense from a business standpoint. i do have a friend that just got into UPMC mercy and they are still doing the full tuition forgiveness program at least for now so you may want to check there.

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