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Which education path do I take??


Specializes in PICU. Has 2 years experience.

Here are the current routes I'm looking at

LVN-BSN - I'm thinking if I take this route it might be a slower pace. Is that true?

BSN program - Its faster but I'm not sure I can get in with a 3.0 science gpa

B.S. In kinesiology - MSN. Is this route very hard to get into???

My end goal is to get a MSN and possibly a CRNA.

I wouldn't think that LVN-BSN would be the best route (unless you already have your LVN). If possible, why not just go straight into the BSN and then go into the MSN program.

Also, according to the research I have done as I myself have aspirations for higher levels, the best way to do MSN is to first have BSN, that way you actually have a background in nursing. This is because I wouldn't imagine you would have a lot of patient contact/experience in Kinesiology, unless you already work in the medical field in one way or another...

May I suggest something? If I were you, I'd contact an academic advisor, as they could probably help to guide you to the most efficient and realistic education path to meet your goals.

Good luck in all of your endeavors! :)


Specializes in PICU. Has 2 years experience.

Thank you for your help! I'm currently getting my CNA. I'm just thinking that maybe I should wait so that I can continue to work and earn money for a car, my current truck is about to die. But I agree, the best route

would probably be just to get my BSN.