Which community college for ADN?


I am wondering, for those who have got their ADN's (or know someone who did) from community colleges around phoenix, which ones have good programs? I am not too interested in the Scottsdale area so I don't think that'd be one for me unless their program is amazing. I would like to hear your experiences or thoughts on the program you took at the community college you went to. Thanks in advance for any input!!


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The only one I have heard bad things about is the Chandler-Gilbert program. I have heard really good things about Mesa Community, Phoenix college and Gateway.


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I currently go to CGCC and it is okay...don't have anything to compare it to. It has it's ups and downs but I would think all programs do. I would suggest maybe look into the CEP program as it looks like most/all facilities in AZ are making a BSN mandatory for nurses. Found out at clinical a few weeks ago that starting next year Banner will most likely not be hiring ADNs. Just something to think about. Plus you could do all your co-reqs and work on the additional BSN classes while you wait. Good luck!


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SuchAMuffin - I am not a student at CGCC. I'm glad to year that your experience has been positive. I agree with your comments on ADNs. I think that all community colleges will soon drop ADN programs in place of the concurrent programs. The job market is begininning to require BSNs as the minimum standard.


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I am about to finish up my ADN at central Arizona college. It's a bit of a drive...I live in the chandler area and commute about 40ish minutes to get there. They don't keep a wait list or anything, as program acceptance is based on a point system. Overall I have enjoyed the program and learned a lot, and they are in the process of making some changes to improve the program from a "politics" standpoint.