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I've been a LPN for 3 years. I've worked LTC mostly. I've been hired for day shift in a skilled nursing facility. I've also been offered a position in the digestive health department at the local hospital. The position calls for a LPN but I would work as a tech, helping the doctor assist with procedures and washing Scopes. IT'S M-F and I'd take call every 7th weekend. The rehab center is e/o weekend. I would make $3 more/hour at the rehab center. There isn't room for advancement at this place but there is at the hospital. I'm in school now to become an RN. What would you do? Also the rehab center is in my town, the hospital is about an hour away. Thanks!

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Ewww, tough choice. On one hand, you've got a job that pays more and

is much closer to you, but like you said, no room for advancement. On the

other hand, you've got a job waiting at a hospital that sounds like great hours,

and you'll have much more room for advancement but less pay and

far away!

You first need to think about long term goal: do you want to work acute

care (hospital) or would you be happy with a career in skilled care/rehab/LTC?

I honestly feel like, if you want to work acute care and you can deal with

the drive and the lower pay; I'd take the hospital job. JMO.

Thanks for the response!! I think I could handle the drive. My end result is to work in ER or ICU.

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