Which is a better program, CSUB or BC?

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Is anyone familiar with both CSUB and BC nursing programs here in Bakersfield, CA? If so, what are the pros and cons of each program, and which is considered a better school here in the community?

I favor CSUB because of its 21 month BSN, but I've heard good things about BC. I've tried to find rankings, and other info, but found little except for NCLEX pass rates (they are very close...92 to 93%). I'd rather hear from people who have had personal experiences, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Having attended both schools, I would, with extreme prejudice mind you, say that BC is the better of the two. Cal State is less hands on and more theory and plenty more expensive. BC on the other hand is more hands on and less theory; you'll have your skills under belt before you hit the floor as a new grad. And you won't have to worry so much about paying back hefty student loans! Later, you can always attend CSUB (they provide night classes) once you have your ADN to earn your Bachelors. I felt the instructors were much more humane at BC, Cal State instructors were a little more distant, and some were outright pathetic, couldn't even solve the nursing math problems rightly on the chalk board. I will say that if you attend CSUB and you take Peds with ----- (what a lovely instructor!) you will be blessed. I had her for physical assessment and she was absolutely marvelous. I learned a great deal in her class. Other students pleaded to get into her class even. Amy, the one strength going for CSUB! Perhaps her not having a doctorate made her more approachable and less like --- . --- wouldn't even allow anyone to drink any water during their clinical at the hospital. Made them faint from dehydration! Jeez!

Interesting to note that many instructors fled from CSUB and now teach at BC. Perhaps they too felt the environment a bit harsh for their bones!

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